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Environmental Savings

In a typical office environment, urinals can amount to as much as half of total water consumption. Water is a finite natural resource and as such every measure should be made to avoid wastage.

With the impacts of climate change and a continuously rising population, water shortages will become more common in the future. It is important we act now to implement best practice in reducing the wastage of water, especially where there are cost effective alternatives available.

Financial Savings

Running water through urinals can cost as much as £300 per urinal, per year. This is a significant cost even before considering the operational costs of maintenance and cleaning solution.

The financial benefits of using Waterfree solution are evident in our name. We eliminate the need for water and thus remove the cost.

Typically when installing Waterfree urinals, companies see a paypack on investment of just 9 months and a net saving in the region of £200 per urinal, per year.