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Waterfree urinals provide sustainable and cost effective solutions to wasteful water consumption in washrooms

Saving money, being more productive and yet being sustainable presents challenges to most organisations today. More and more are looking at how to reduce waste and energy whilst enhancing their profitability.Waterfree urinals help protect the environment by eliminating water usage, eradicating energy usage from flush controls or constant flushing and remove the need for harmful and hazardous chemicals.

In our evolving environment where customer perception is integral to success, providing staff and visitors with a pleasant washroom experience is vital. The Waterfree system combines market leading products to free your urinals from odours and flooding. The Waterfree dual patented system reduces blockages that can cause unsightly, over flowing urinals. Our service solution improves the look and hygiene of the washroom, thus ensuring your staff and visitors have a positive view of your business and premises.

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