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How are we waterfree?

To take water out of the equation, we must first understand why it is there.


Conventional urinals make use of a trap. A trap is designed to create a seal of water in the U bend, this prevents foul smells and bacteria from the common pipes passing into the washroom.

A common problem in large buildings is that traps are ‘pulled’ due to back siphonage caused by the large amounts of flushing that occurs. When water passes down the waste pipes into the soil stack a vacuum is created which pulls the water from the traps removing the seal and releasing odour into the washroom. Therefore, constant flushing is required to replenish the water seal.

The problem of syphonage is intensified when pipes diameter is reduced due to build up of limescale and sludge.


Limescale and uric salts combine in urinals to form a build-up. Flushing water is used to try and clear this. Conventional urinals also suffer from blocked traps and pipework due to the build up of foreign debris which requires flushing away with water.

Perceived Hygiene

Water is still flushed through urinals owing to it being perceived as more hygienic. This is a common misconception, urine consists of 95% water, and flushing additional water merely provides a habitat for the bacteria to cling to and spread.

The Solution

Dual Odour Solution

Firstly, above the bowl odours are neutralised by our patented malodour counteractant in the cartridge (3).

Secondly, the unique non-return valve (2) ensures that odours are not emitted from within the pipe work below, as it acts as a hygiene seal for the urinal.

Blockage Solution

The cause of most blockages is due to the build up of limescale and uric salts. The patented cartridge (1) contains specially formulated bacterial cultures which help break down the uric salts and biofilm so they cannot solidify and cause blockages.

Hygiene Solution

Waterfree urinals have been consistently proven to be significantly more hygienic than conventional urinals due to the reduced spreading of bacteria through splashing and leakage.

Daily use of the microbiological cleaner provided as part of our service enhances the efficiency of the water-warrior solution.

By removing water from the equation you are removing a source of bacterial growth.

Trap diagram